This auction is subject to TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE.


The Company, EUR-SEREE COLLECTING CO., LTD., acts as agent between Vendors and Purchasers only and shall not be liable for any default of the Vendor or Purchaser.


Bidders are requested to register at our registration desks at least 30 minutes before the auction to complete bidders registration or our online registration service and to receive a numbered paddle. Bidders will be asked to supply a bank reference along with identification card or other references deemed neccesary when registering. The Company has the right, at our complete discretion, to refuse admission to the premises or participation in any auction and to reject and bid.

Important notice required by Thai Law: All bids by postal, absentee, fax, email, telephone and floor bidders must accompany with a copy of Valid Identity card or passport ID.


All lots will be auctioned in numerical lots order as appear in the catalogue. The Company will accept bids from those present in the auction room, telephone, postal bids and/or absentee bids. All bids must received and confirmed all details by the Company at least 36 hours prior before the auction dateline except those present in the auction room 1 hour prior.

4. New Bidders

New bidders or those who have not got any records of their transaction with our company must supply:- For Floor Bidders and Telephone Bidders:

(1) Satisfactory trade references, auction houses etc. Invoices showing the business and amount done previously.


(2) Deposit of 100,000 Baht is required. if you intend to bid more than 400,000 Baht the deposit may be higher. The full or part of the deposit will be returned in same means by which it was paid but we are not liable for any bank fees or surcharges on the way back by the third party. For Postal, Absentee, Fax and Email Bidders: Same as 4(1) OR deposit 25% of the total submitted bids.


Prices indicated in this catalogue are minimum starting prices or reserve prices but may open the bids at higher prices depending on the traffic of the postal and absentee bidders. All lots will be conducted in Thai Baht (THB). All others major currencies indicated will be converted approximately to THB on the date. All lots in this auction sale are subject to a purchasers premium of 10% + 7% vat on the premium. For example:

All lots in this auction sale are subject to a purchasers premium of 10% + 7% VAT on the premium.

For example:

Hammer price 10,000 THB.
Purchasers premium 10%  1000 THB.
7% VAT on purchasers premium         70 THB.
Total purchase price 11,070 THB.

Postage, packing, courier and insurance (if any) will be charged at cost to the Purchaser. Payment must be made in THAI BAHT (THB)


500 THB. 5,000 THB. Increase by 100THB.
5,000 THB. 10,000 THB. Increase by 200THB.
10,000 THB. 20,000 THB. Increase by 500THB.
20,000 THB. 50,000 THB. Increase by 1,000THB.
50,000THB. 100,000THB. Increase by 2,000THB.
100,000THB. 200,000THB. Increase by 5,000THB.
200,000THB. And up Increase by 10,000THB. Or 5%

A bidder may bid at the minimum starting price stated. Any bid below the starting price will not be accepted.


The highest bidder for each lot shall be the Purchaser thereof at one step of bidding increment over the second highest bid.

In the event of any dispute, the Company shall have absolute discretion to determine the dispute.

The highest postal or absentee bidder for each lot shall be the Purchaser thereof at one step of bidding increment over the second highest bid.

For example:

If the highest postal or absentee bidder summit the limit of a lot at 30,000THB. and the highest room bidder of the lot is 15,000THB. The highest postal or absentee bidder will be the Purchaser of the lot at 15,500THB.

The Company will act on behalf of the postal or absentee bidder but will accept no responsibility for errors in either understanding or executing bids.

The fall of the auctioneers hammer indicates the final bid.

The Auctioneer will call out and record the name or paddle number of the Purchaser. Therefore, the person who registered for the paddle becomes liable for the payment. If a postal or absentee bid is successful, then the Purchaser will be notify immediately after the sale.

The Company reserves the right to refuse any bid or bids without explanation.


We remind prospective purchasers that descriptions given in this catalogue are not guarantees but opinions only. The Company exercise all reasonable care in the description of lots and statements as to the genuineness of lots,but, subject to the provisions of theseTerms, Conditions and Notices, such descriptions and statements are not intended, nor are they to be taken as statements of representations of fact but merely statements of the opinion of the Company given in good faith. Provided however that The Company will warrant the description and genuineness of all lots comprising five or less items on the under mentioned terms of conditions.

A purchaser shall be at liberty to reject any lot comprising five or less items only if he has made payment in full and if he gives the Company written notice of intention to question the genuineness to the Company within 5 days of receipt of invoice and by a purchaser overseas within 14 days of receipt of invoice.

The Company will arrange all necessary actions to get the certification from the official authority of expertizing. All expense and risks during the period generated by such certified procedure will fall solely on the requested Purchaser.

Only Thai Philatelic items will be able for certification and only the Philatelists Association of Thailand (PAT.) will be accepted as the official authority of expertizing. In case of the PAT. is unable to perform the certification, other recognized expert authority will be invited to do so.

Purchasers or their agents are responsible for satisfying themselves concerning the condition of the property and the matters refer to in the catalogue entry. No lots can be returned for certifying, if received and taken out of the COMPANYs premises by the Purchasers. The Purchasers or their agents should better investigate their interesting lots by themselves. All items comprising six or more items or defined as miscellaneous lots, collection, accumulation, mix lots, album, dealers stock, overseas items, non-philatelic materials or sold as is and all similar related will be sold as is and shall be put up for sale not subject to reject and shall be acceptably taken by the Purchaser with all (if any) faults, lack of genuineness or errors of description/number of items in the lot. Request for certification will not be accepted and the Purchaser shall have no right to reject any such lot.

No lot illustrated in the catalogue shall be rejected on the ground of characteristics clearly apparent from the illustration.

In case of the inability of any recognized expert or expert committee to express a definite opinion shall service to discharge the onus on the Purchaser and shall be ground for rejection of the lot concerned.

Where the Purchaser of a lot discharges such onus of proof and acts in accordance with all the Terms And Condition of Sale, the Company shall set aside the sale and repay to the Purchaser the money paid by him in respect of the lot.


The Company is not responsible for any third party companies or person(s) in issuing their opinions, condition grading and/or guarantee on all items, i.e. Philatelic items, Coins, Medals, Banknotes, documents, Jewelry, Watches, Art objects, Antiques etc. Any disputes over such items, the buyer must refer to the respective third party companies or person(s).


Most items are able to be exported without any limitation but some items have limitation on exporting or non-export at all, especially on some art or artifact objects. Check details before bidding. VAT charged on purchasers premium is non-refundable. Postage, packing, courier and insurance (if any) will be charged at cost to the Purchaser.


The Purchaser may make payment by:-

(1) Cashier Cheque drawn on Thailand branch of bank.
(2) Telegraphic Transfer (t/t)
(3) Banking transfer in the name of :
Benificiary Bank: BANGKOK BANK PLC. CO., LTD.
Branch: Rajchawat
Swift code: BKKBTHBK A/C # 1460938051
1390/1 Nakornchaisri Road, Dusit, Bangkok 10300
(4) Payment by credit cards will be charge 2% ontop the total invoice.  Purchaser's premium of 10.70% will be added to the Hammer's price

Please note that all banking charges must be solely borne by the Purchaser. No oversea personal cheque will be accepted.


If the Purchaser fails to make payment in full within 5 days of receipt of invoice and by a purchaser overseas within 14 days of receipt of invoice, or such longer time as shall be agreed in writing between THE COMPANY and the Purchaser, the Company shall be entitled to exercise one or more of the following rights or remedies:

(a) to hold the defaulting Purchaser liable for the total amount due and to commence legal fees and costs to the fullest extent permitted under the Thai law;
(b) to cancel the sale;
(c) to resale the property publicly or privately;
(d) to take such other action as we deem necessary or appropriate.
(e) Where a bidding agent purchases on behalf of an undisclosed client such agent will be personally liable for the payment of the purchase money to the COMPANY and for safe delivery of the lot to the said client.
(f) Each lot shall remain the property of the Vendor, until paid for in full, but shall be at the Purchasers risk from the fall of the hammer. Each lot shall be paid in full before delivery.


The rights and obligations of the parties with the respect to these Terms and Conditions of Sale, the conduct of the Company and any matters connected with any of the foregoing shall be governed and interpreted by the Thai laws.

By bidding at the auction, whether present in person or by agent, by postal bid, absentee bid, telephone bid, or other means, the purchaser shall be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions of Sale and submitted, for the benefit of the Company, EUR-SEREE COLLECTING CO., LTD., to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Thai Courts.

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